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Areeya Management
Company Limited

Sales Kit on Mobile

"Sale Kit on Mobile" is "All in One" Application with the full cycle for sales achievement and increasing sales transaction.

Mobile Application

  • Reduced the steps of sales cycle from 14 to 5.
  • Realtime tracking for available unit, promotion and pricing.
  • Available on supported Mobile and Tablet devices.

Pandora Production
Company Limited

E-Catalog Application

E-Catalog, the collaboration application among many responsibilities, whether you are a Project Creator, Coordinator or Follower.

Web Application

  • Search large amount of data quickly and efficiently with complexity of algorithm.
  • Create Tasks for specific requests and spend lesser time to control, manage and track all requests.
  • An application abilities to support users across the country- Thailand and Denmark.

Masterkool International Public Company Limited

Masterkool E-Commerce Website

The Enterprise Online Store and Shopping Cart Platform running online business successfully by the full functionality, features, and design.

E-Commerce Website

  • Content management capabilities.
  • Promotion and discount code tools.
  • An easy-to-use checkout.
  • Multiple payment methods.
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Thailand Professional Qualification Institute
(Public Organization)

TPQI-NET Application

"TPQI-NET" A Mobile Application supports Thai people about Occupational Standard, Professional Qualification, Certificate including Occupational Training Institute.

Mobile Application

  • Check the application status by phone.
  • Make an online application.
  • Find a training centre.

Nova Organics
Company Limited

Donutt Brand Website

The primary goal for any beauty brand website is to display the product in the best light and give the customer a good idea of how to use and have the new looks. Donutt Brand Website is all show off their products, in stylish, innovative and appealing ways.

Interactive Website

  • Responsive website design will be accessible across all devices regardless of screen size.
  • Associate YouTube channel and Line@ to website.
  • Build a multi-language website in Thai, English and Chinese.
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PTG Energy Public
Company Limited

AX and Technical Support

Our support service is compatible with the best industry practices which are ensured by our user-friendly help desk system especially Professional Services to support Microsoft Dynamics AX.

MS Dynamics AX and Technical Support

  • Quickly address technical issues.
  • Deepen the professional expertise.
  • Consulting and support services.

Global Franchise Architects Company Limited

Coffee World Website

The website highlights life style, beverage and locations.
Look and feel are welcoming and friendly design.


  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Retouch Products Image.
  • Stores Locator by Google Map.
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Pylon Public
Company Limited

Pylon Website

Modern and mobile friendly designs help generate these commercial construction company websites to stand out.


  • Corporate Design.
  • Investor Relations Tool integration.
  • Creating the resposive design.

Kitcha Advance Technology Company Limited

Kitcha E-Commerce Website

Attractive Design and Full Features of E-Commerce Website has always played a key role in successful online sales and marketing. That's because it increases the perceived value of products and works to make (and the business) more trustworthy.

E-Commerce Website

  • E-Commerce Website.
  • MS Dynamics AX Integrated.
  • Payment & Shipment System.
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Pepper Rooms
Company Limited

We Florist E-Commerce Website

We are paying attention to select colors , images, backgrounds, especially trendy patterns. These can invite the potential customers to shopping on your E-Commerce.

E-Commerce Website

  • Search and make your order to the flower shop all of Thailand.
  • Multiple payment options - Bank Transfer and Credit Card.
  • Add and manage flower gallery in a single or multiple categories.

Nova Organics
Company Limited

Lingzhi Plus Shiitake Website

We build multiple languages 'Engllish, Chinese and Thai' in the website.

Interactive Website

  • 360 Degree Product View.
  • Associate YouTube channel and Line@ to website.
  • Multi-Media Design.
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Institute of Technology

International Program Website

The International Program Site delivers responsive storytelling through excellence content, striking photography, and unique navigation.


  • Online registration for International Bachelor Degree Program.
  • Find the international program.
  • Support multilanguage - Thai, English and Japanese.
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Honda R&D Asia Pacific
Company Limited

Atlas License

Atlas constitutes the link between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is fully integrated in the Ribbon bars of your Microsoft Office environments, allowing you to simply compose powerful reports using real-time data from your Dynamics AX environment.

MS Dynamics AX

  • Consulting service.
  • Licensing service.

Toyota @ United
Company Limited

Car Rent Application

Handles all the aspects of rental management and offers more functionality including advance rate logic to optimize rental charges.

Web Application

  • Creates renter and customer file collects and stores all relevant information about customers including name, address, phone, company name, credit cards, car type, coverages and special charges.


YPOAU Website

The website engages the members to participate the organization's events and sharing the experiences.


  • Organization Website.
  • Manage YPO's Activities.
  • Membership System.
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ICBC (Thai) Leasing
Company Limited

Website Security

Provide the services of optimising your website security and avoiding hacking disasters.


  • Protection from SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • Bot blocking the malware and malicious.

Advanced Medical Center Company Limited

Central General Hospital Website

A combination of design elements, usability, and content can all contribute to how effectively a website serves the need of users.


  • Modern and Minimalist Design.
  • Appointment System.
  • Responsive Website.
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Riken (Thailand)
Company Limited

Riken Thailand Website

A strong website is important for manufacturing business. Whether your company is a custom manufacturer or industrial distributor, the key to the perfect website is the intersection of both the company and buyer objectives.


  • Corporate Website in Japanese Style.
  • Photography and Retouch Service.
  • Fully Backend Management System.
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Mouawad Mena DMCC
(United Arab Emirates)

Mouawad Website

Stunning images that eye-catching and striking appears on Mouawad site with the luxurious design. With the product having so much focus on aesthetic beauty and monetary value.


  • Elegant Design with High Definition.
  • Social Advertising and Multimedia Post.
  • Online Jewelry Catalogue.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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Espacity SAS (France)

Espacity Website

The modern real estate websites come up with sophisticated and graphic centric designs. They are image-heavy, with a property search locator embedded.


  • HTML Development.
  • Responsive Website.
  • Best view for all devices.
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Reef Resort - Reef Island (Kingdom of Bahrain)

Reservation Website

Combining luxury and modern style in the website, this design manages to bring a whole new meaning to the word Perfect!


  • Integrated Reservation System.
  • Build Website Structure to support SEO.
  • Design the luxury theme and friendly layout.
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GIP Company Limited

Synergia One Website

Present the corporate information of all business in one organization, who drives performance through people, innovation and technology.


  • Indicate the strength of all business.
  • Clean & Simple Typography.
  • A fresh perspective design and functionality.
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Global Fish Company Limited

Global Fish Website

Technology changes the businesses to market their products and brands. We are using technology to promote the frozen foods retail business by a high-quality business website.


  • Corporate Website.
  • Modern & Minimalist Design.
  • Photography Service.
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United Electric Wire and Cable (Thailand) Company Limited

United Cable Website

The website friendly navigates by a clear and well-organized menu with full display of technical speciification, classification and industiral standard.


  • Wire and Electric Cable Industry.
  • Professional Retouch Service.
  • Responsive Website.
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